DID E60058 1/6 U-Boat Periscope Diorama Set+ Headsculpt(without figure)
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  • วันที่อัพเดตล่าสุด : 31 July 2020 15:58
  • หมวดหมู่ : DID
  • ยี่ห้อสินค้า : DID
  • รหัสสินค้า : STO0141

Deposit (มัดจำ) 500 Baht , Preorder 1900 Baht

Order Close Date : 06/08/2020

Estimate Release Date : Q3/2020

E60058 part list

Base: German U-Boat periscope

           Super realistic beardless headsculpt

Product name: DID New product: 1/6 German U-boat periscope scene set [New head sculpture included] (#E60058)

DID launched the E60058 German U-boat periscope scene set for the first time, including a 1:6 attack periscope, an attack periscope platform with a wooden base and a beardless head sculpture of Heinrich Lehmann.

The attack periscope is also called the command periscope. The attack periscope can measure the range and distance of the surface target, and can transmit the side target information to the submarine's data processing system in electronic digital form.

In the 1:6 German U-boat periscope scene set released this time, the attack periscope has exquisite workmanship, and the craftsmanship is clearly easy to see. There is also a periscope platform under the attack periscope as auxiliary attack equipment. The combination of the two is Germany Indispensable combat equipment for U-boat captains. As the first German U-boat scene, you should not miss it!

This model is also matched with a head sculpture of Heinrich Lehmann without a beard. Compared with a head sculpture with a beard, this head sculpture shows the crisp and neat image of the characters. Players can match the rich accessories of D80148 and E60058 with different U-boat scenes to show different combat scenes at different moments.

In addition, players who purchase both D80148 and E60058 at the same time will receive a 1/6 Leica camera worth 138 yuan and a set of handmade leather camera cases. The quantity is limited, first come first served.

DID new product E60058 U-shaped submarine periscope platform

According to the original ratio of the periscope, all the details are displayed perfectly. This periscope is also equipped with a solid wood platform and a U-boat medal with a reduced scale of hardware. This new product also includes a head sculpture without a beard

The platform will be equipped with two metal pillars of different heights so that the height of the periscope can be adjusted. The coloring part of the periscope will be finely adjusted, and more pictures will be updated successively

In order to avoid being confused with 80148, please specify separately according to brand requirements. E60058 is a periscope scene + a separate shaven head sculpture, without a doll.

pecial offer:

If you pre-order both D80148 and E60058 together, you will get a set of 1/6 Leica camera with handmade genuine leather camera case(RMB138 value) for FREE.


The diorama set including the German U-Boat periscope and the Super realistic beardless headsculpt

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