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The same award-winning team that created the critically acclaimed Devilman VS Amon and the record-fastest-selling Eren VS Armored Titan brings the fan-favorite battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra to life. Created as the ultimate 1/6-scale centerpiece, Figurama Collectors Ichigo VS Ulquiorra Elite Fandom Statue commemorates the 20th Anniversary legacy of the best-selling shōnen series, Bleach.


Wielding his diecast metal Zanpakutō, Ichigo charges a swirling crimson Cero against Uliquiorra, who counters with his interchangeable Lanza del Relámpago or the deadly Cero Oscuras that blasted a hole in Ichigo’s chest moments before his transformation. The underworld explodes with glowing LED lighting as green and red spiritual energy collide atop a symbolic base adorned with the combatant’s cracked Hollow Masks and the hilts of their Zanpakutō. 


Highly limited to 1,300 pieces worldwide, each statue includes an exclusive art print and autographed Certificate of Authenticity by Figurama Collectors CEO, Mr. Shanab. 


• Edition Size: 1300 pieces worldwide


• Series: Elite Fandom Statue 


• Estimated Release Date: Q3 2021


• Size: 1/6 scale – Approximately: H 45.5cm x W 52cm x D 39cm (H 17.9in x W 20.5in x D 15.4in) 


• Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO, Mr. Shanab


• Includes: Swappable jaw for Ichigo, removable Cero and Cero Oscuras effects, alternative left hand for Ulquiorra; exclusive art print


• Materials: Polystone, PVC, Metal Diecast, LED


• Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team


• Concept Artist: Jarold Sng 


• 3D Artist/Sculptor: Caleb Nefzen 


• Coloring Artist: Three Eyes Studio